2019: The Year of the LORD'S UnMeasurable Favor

Each year as I pray and think about what God is doing in and through WME, I seek God for a theme for the upcoming year.  Sometime in November, I believe, in a time of reading the Word in the presence of the Lord, I began to get the impression that the theme had to do with the Lord's Favor for 2019.  Then a few weeks later, in our Monday morning staff prayer meeting I shared that with the people there.  One of the people there, our INSTAR Unreached People Groups Director, suddenly began to flip through the pages of his notebook.  He read the words "The Year of UnMeasurable Favor".  He said that a few weeks before as he and I had discussed plans for the new year, the Lord had spoken that to him, and he was waiting for me to announce the theme.
Wow!  What a Confirmation.

We certainly have seen the blessing of God on the work in the INSTAR project this year, as well as in the other projects and ministries of WME.  In the INSTAR project in Latin America we have begun to focu…

Give a Megavoice for Christmas

Would you consider Giving a Megavoice for Christmas?

WME uses the Megavoice Device to start Discovery Bible Studies in Central and South America.  These Megavoices have 48 Bible Studies....almost one year of Discipling materials.  These studies begin with the Creation of the World and progress through the High points of the Old Testament and then move into the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ.  The half of the year ends with a focus on the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus and the challenge to become an obedient disciple by experiencing the New Birth!  The 2nd Half of the year is focused on helping the new believers to begin to walk out their new Christian life, and ultimately the groups either form new churches or become part of a church body.

Each Megavoice will help to plant these Discovery Studies, and usually each one will plant 2, 3, or maybe 4 groups as the participants not only study the Word of God themselves, but also multiply other groups.

Since 2008, WME has seen 10,0…

Entering the Holiday Season with Thanksgiving!

Believe it or not, another year is coming to a close. WME has finished its 30th year of Missions Ministry and we are giving God praise for all His wonderful blessings!
As we look back over these years we give glory to the One who has brought so many souls into the Kingdom of God through the Missionaries and Ministries with WME.

We are also celebrating the last 10 years of Disciple Making Movement project in Honduras and other countries of Latin America.  The Harvest that we are seeing God bring to fruition is a thing of Wonder! But it should be no surprise that God has done this, because He is the God of Mighty Signs and Wonders! Here is a quick snapshot of What Has happened in the INSTAR project in the 12 month period from October 2017 through September 2018:

In the last 12 months Attendance has increased by over 13,300 people.
There have been at least 11,557 professions of faith and at least 11,373 Baptisms in the last year. Currently we are counting 10,032 groups and churches at le…

Great Reports from Latin America!

We have just received the 2nd Quarter Reports for the INSTAR project! INSTAR Strategy Coordinator, Keith Travis, has just finished the compilation of the report.  The majority of this report represents April-June, 2018.  We stand amazed at the grace of God in the Harvest for His Kingdom that He is bringing in!

Here are the totals first of all!

2nd Quarter Growth:

Groups/churches:  771 New Groups and churches

Professions of faith:  2,936 New Professions of faith

Baptisms:   2,886 New Water Baptisms

Participation in groups:  3,284 New Participants in Discovery groups

This represents the following amazing advance by average:

8 New Groups/Churches per day
36 New Participants per day in Discovery studies
32 New Professions of faith per day
32 New Water Baptisms per day

We are giving God glory for this amazing advance in the 2nd quarter!

The INSTAR project began in 2008 when Randy and Linda Travis and Keith and Juanita Travis began training and mentoring a small team of Honduran leaders in …

The Kingdom Unleashed! OCTOBER 25, 2018 INSTAR Benefit Dinner

This is your invitation to attend the 2018 INSTAR Benefit Dinner.  This Year we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of World Missions and Evangelism's existence.  You will be Inspired and Blessed as you hear testimonies of what God is doing in Latin America as Thousands of people are becoming disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ!

You will also learn of the new doors of opportunity that are open to WME's INSTAR project as we focus on reaching the 352 Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere!

Our Theme this year is:  The Kingdom Unleashed!
This comes from the new book by Jerry Trousdale and Glenn Sunshine which will be a free gift to all that attend the Dinner.

So Please Save This Date:

Thursday, October 25, 2018
6 p.m.
Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Center
100 Kentucky Avenue
Paducah, KY 42003

Doors open at 5:45 p.m.
Dinner at 6:00 p.m.
Program  6:30-8:00 p.m.



North American Unreached People Groups

In the Previous blog article, I shared about the 352 Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere.  200 of these people groups are currently listed as Unengaged by the database at  That means that there is no current evangelical outreach to these 200 groups.

But the stat that hit me the hardest was the state of the UUPG problem in the United States.  Currently there are 29 Native American Indigenous Unreached People Groups. And to my amazement 21 of these Peoples are UNENGAGED as of this writing.

I shared this information at one of our key partner churches last Sunday.  I could tell from the response during the message, as well as conversations I have had since then, that many people were amazed to find out that there are so many UUPGs in our own home nation.  It turns out that you don't even need a passport to reach a UUPG!

As we have drilled down further in our research, we find that these tribes are living in:

Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere

According to, as I write this post in June of 2018, there are still 352 Indigenous Unreached People Groups in the Western Hemisphere.  And 200 of them are still Unengaged!

What do these terms mean?

Unreached People Group (UPG):  A people group or tribe that has less than 2 percent evangelical population.  The truth is that studies show us that unless 10 percent of a group is adherent to something, the full group (100 percent) cannot be fully actually 10 percent is a more realistic number ..... but the agreed standard for "reached with the gospel" for a tribe has been 2 percent for many years.  So a UPG is a group with less than 2 percent response to the gospel....and sometimes it is 0 percent!

Unengaged UPG:  This is a UPG that is not only unreached (less than 2 percent evangelical) but in fact (at least currently) is without any evangelical missionary outreach whatsoever.

Indigenous:  This means we are talking about tribes/people groups th…